A Modern Romance Series is a place where there is always a happy ending

Imprint books presents the new eBook short story series title: A MODERN ROMANCE by Sherrie Lynn. The latest story revolves around Felicitee who decide to take a leap of faith after meeting Ronan Babtiste through an exclusive dating service. Would society’s issues change if in 2016 half the world was convinced they discovered the only true daughter of God? This is what happen to Felicitee as a result of a social experiment spiralling out of control. Felicitee know she is a mortal being who desire to love and be loved. Could Ronan Babtiste be that man? Will her impassioned followers allow it?

So many questions build up in the minds of every reader of this series as Sherrie Lynn applies brevity in communicating the limits to the power of love with a clear picture of decision making, the happiness of humanity and the struggle of many to achieve happiness.


The short story fiction eBook ‘A Modern Romance 4, A Social Experiment’ depicts a romantic message to the mind of every eye that comes across it. It is a great piece for the modern reader because all the characters in it are well developed; the story is quite captivating with some of its parts pointing in the present and the past of every reader. “Love is an essential need of the soul; no person can experience happiness and bliss if he or she is not loved. Just like our body needs regular doses of food, love too is required for the soul at regular intervals.”

About Sherrie Lynn

Sherrie Lynn was born third of four Children. She took in journalism and commercial art at Wilbur Wright College. The author worked full time for ten years at a catholic hospital eventually becoming an Illinois state licensed pharmacy technician. This author have ten books that include two series. Non-fiction- An Author’s View On Writing & An Author’s View On Happiness. 2 novels, a coming-of-age interracial romance set in the 70’s titled, A Forward Motion & Backstage Pass! The Jade Sheldon Story.

To learn more about Sherrie Lynn please visit http://www.sherrielynn.com

Press Release Distribution Company Continues to Expand Reach

Press release distribution has gone to the next level thanks one company. MyPRWire.com delivers to the top press release agencies as well as news aggregators and other news websites.

“You can have the best press release ever, but if no one sees it, it won’t do you a bit of good. It has to get out and get in front of people who want to read it,” said David, owner of MyPRWire.com. “We do that. We have connections that others do not. We can get your announcement out and get you the publicity you need.”

MyPRWire reaches around 300,000 sources globally with each news sent out. That includes 45 media partners, connected social media and many newspapers, magazines, TV and radio outlets.

“We also have a growing list of bloggers and journalists who are signing up for our service. They join to get story ideas. They are looking for things to write about,” David said. “We put your press release in front of these writers.”

MyPRWire also offers writing and editing services by a dedicated team of native English speaking writers. The writing team includes current American working journalists, bloggers, and public relations experts.

“We guarantee your press release will pass Copyscape. It will be 100 percent original text,” David said. “You also get all the rights to the work. You can publish it under your name or use the writer’s name or leave the author’s name off completely. Your call.”

MyPRWIRE also offers 24-7 support, so customers are never left alone or wondering what to do next. He said this includes distribution reports to people will know where their PR goes.

“We’ve run thousands of releases, worked more than 4,300 days and having 36,000 clients so far. We’ve also gone through more than 85,000 cups of coffee. You know we’re working!” he said with a laugh. “We also helped thousands of crowdfunding campaigns to reach the goal, most of them overachieved.”

For more information about the services offered, visit https://MyPRWire.com

ABOUT MYPRWIRE – MyPRWire.com is a leading provider of premium media distribution services with clients over 125 countries. MyPRWire is a professional content marketing company delivering the absolute best in customer satisfaction and conversion rate for maximum return on investment. More than 60,000 projects in circulation and each one completed with professionalism and reliability.


David Lee

Marketing second-hand clothes across the globe

The Belgian company Nouratex has found a healthy market for second-hand clothes on the global market.

The market for second-hand clothes is growing partly because of a growing global population and partly because more and more people don’t want to see their used clothes simply thrown away.

“There’s a lot of altruism in this as well. People no longer need old clothes for a variety of reasons. Rather than just throw them away, they want the clothes to get more use. That’s where we step in,” said Nouratex Founder Saad Massini.

Nouratex receives shipments of clothes from all over, but mostly from Europe. Clothes which can be worn are sorted into one of three grades: AA, No. 1 and No. 2.

AA grade is boutique quality and current fashions. It includes summer and winter clothes. Most of these are sold in the European and Eastern markets. No. 1 and No. 2 grades are sent to Africa. These clothes can show a bit of wear, but not much.

“These grades are best for the African market because they people there have much fewer resources than those in Europe and the Eastern nations. We’re able to ship them and get the clothes distributed for far less than brand new clothes,” Massini said.

Nouratex also takes in clothes that are not suitable for wearing anymore. These are recycled into other products.

“We divert these from landfills and other disposal areas. We turn these into useful items. Recycling is increasingly important and Nouratex is leading the way in finding new uses for old clothes,” Massini said.

For more information about Nouratex of how the company collects and distributes second-hand clothes, visit http://nouratex-secondhandclothes.be/.

ABOUT NOURATEX – For almost 30 years Nouratex exists and is still active in the recycling of used textiles. Nouratex was founded in 1984 by Mr. Saad Massini. By building long-term and strong partnerships with both suppliers and customers is Nouratex in the past 30 years become an active and important player in the field of textile recycling. For over three generations, we are active in the recycling and revaluation of used clothing, with the headquarters in Lokeren, Belgium.

Josephine set the standard for grace and elegance early in the history of France.

Josephine Bonaparte, wife of Napoleon and first Empress of France. Josephine establishes the level of beauty and elegance at the beginning of the history of France. It is that standard which inspired restaurateur Serge to choose the name “Josephine” for his establishment. His passion for fine wine and excellent food was to develop in Paris where dining has evolved into an art form.


“That passion is evident in every aspect from the moment you walk in the door of Josephine.” Said by spokesperson at Josephine. “From the sensuous design and decor, the eclectic menu, the insightful wine list to the impeccable service, Josephine creates an ambience of pure pleasure for all of your senses. Josephine brings an old world standard of grace, served up in a sexy, contemporary style for the city of Atlanta to enjoy.”

“I come here a lot and I love their DJs. Mixmaster David plays a lot of Soca, Hip Hop and Top 40 tunes and he keeps it live.” Says a customer at Josephine. “The food is great, not the typical greasy, over fried food you usually see in Atlanta. Excellent for friends visiting from overseas. High international bar!”

For more information, please visit http://www.josephineatl.com

Panacea Biomed, LLC, Issues Consumer Advisory About Unrelated Arthritis, Bone Cancer Product

Mexican-based Riger Naturals S.A. has relabeled Reumofan Plus as “WOW”, triggering a response from Panacea Biomed, LLC

SAINT PAUL, MINNESOTA, MARCH 19, 2016 – Panacea Biomed, LLC, has issued a consumer advisory for customers who have purchased or who will be buying the company’s brain and sympathetic nervous system supplement known as WOW Factor.

Consumers are warned to inspect carefully bottle labels. Any bottle with “Riger Naturals S.A.” on the bottom should be thrown away. Riger Naturals S.A. recently relabeled one of their supplements, Reumofan Plus, as “WOW”. This supplement has been marketed as arthritis and bone cancer treatment, and it has been on the FDA’s radar. Consumers are advised that if they are looking for WOW Factor, which is a Neurobiochemical supplement, the best place to find it is at founder Alicia Kali’s website.

Panacea Biomed, LLC, reports that they have received threats and hWOW_single_bottleave been the target of harassment as confused consumers have seen the FDA bulletins warning against Riger Naturals S.A.

“We understand the concern, so we’re issuing an announcement. Alicia Kali’s life’s work, her patent pending product named WOW Factor, was called by its clients and is manufactured and distributed in the United States while ‘WOW’ is from Mexico and has been banned by the FDA. The two are entirely different supplements. Ours is backed by decades of scientific research focused on the creation of dopamine, norepinephrine, and serotonin, and it is targeted to empower the brain and sympathetic nervous system simultaneously to cause neurodegeneration. We recommend that consumers do their due diligence by visiting Alicia Kali’s website and reading about what WOW Factor offers. Remember, our website is the best source for authentic WOW Factor,” said Alicia Kali, founder of Panacea Biomed, LLC.

More information can be found at https://aliciakali.com.

About Panacea Biomed, LLC

Panacea Biomed, LLC, was founded by Alicia Kali. The company has recently released its WOW Factor formula and was immediately nominated and made Finalist in the CRG Brain Science category. WOW Factor is the world’s first and finest neurobiochemical supplement.

Special thanks to former NFL Football player Ike Mega Griffin for bringing this to our attention!

Seymour Industries LLC announces playback screen recorder for free

Playback Screen Recorder is the best free screen recording app for Android. Record anything that comes across your phone screen in digital sound or without sound. Record yourself playing video games, chatting with a friend, or create your channel on popular video-sharing websites by using the Playback Screen Recorder. No Root Required.





Playback Screen Recorder is free screen recording app which lets user record high definition video recording which also includes digital sound and no recording limits. It also has invisible playback button for starting video, pause and then again recording.

Playback Screen Recorder also best for the creation of tutorial videos, promotional videos, youtube videos, only audio videos as well as chat videos.

With additional options added, 3 second cut off button in the setting menu which is useful for auto-start the video after 3 seconds before user press stop. All playback creation go right to user phone’s media folder.

“What a Great way to share pictures, videos, and audio at the same time,” says user at Google Play “Love being able to narrate and show pics together. Very easy to use.”

It also can share videos on Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, Twitter, Soundcloud, Vine and Snap-Chat.

With complete tutorial section, Playback Screen Recorder free version compatible with Android 5.1 and later is available to download for family and friends by using app share feature, which is available in the setting menu.

To download it at no cost, visit GooglePlay.

Don’t End Up Being Only a Number, Be Visible At All Times

CHESTER, NEW JERSEY, MARCH 18, 2016 – Car crashes and accidents can be a big problem, especially because it’s never something expected, people don’t think about it until right before the moment it happens. The best way to avert a car crash or an accident is to be well prepared, which means ensuring that the car being driven is in perfect condition and plus the driver always keeps an eye on the road while driving. This is only ensured by making sure that regular maintenance is performed on the car, such as oil changes and tire rotations, to avoid car trouble, sometimes auto problems can’t be avoided.

More than 2.35 million people are injured during a car accident in the US alone, according to a report issued by the NHSTA in 2014 around thirty two thousand people died in a motor vehicle related crash. Similarly the same report mentions that both pedestrians and cyclists alike were affected, rather the total deaths associated with cyclists is around 726, compared to the number of pedestrians the nation lost, which is approximately around five thousand in 2011 alone a pedestrian was killed every eight hours on the road and injured after every eight minutes in a car crash – the difference may be staggering but hits at a common problem. But for that we need to look into the segmentation, for instance if we only focus on injuries, it’s fair to say that the consequences of said injuries can vary, there is something quite scary, being in the middle of nowhere or stranded on the side of the road with no light. One simple tool can help tremendously here: a viable headlamp which helps in making a passerby or a pedestrian on foot visible while on the road to a vehicle which is passing by.

Another statistic shows that approximately a 40% of deathly car accidents happen at night, in this scenario having a headlamp around can be useful to inspect the car for damage and perhaps even change a tire. Use the headlamp to signal a driver to stop for help. Being stuck with no visibility can be very worrisome and stressful but it can be possible to take off walking to look for help with the illumination of the headlamp.

In actuality and from statistics mentioned above it can be deduced that it does indeed pay to have a headlamp around. LuxoLite, a company based in New Jersey has taken extra care to craft a durable, reliable headlamp that can be carried inside the car and used at a moment’s notice. Offering an adjustable beam, dimmable lights, and a red flashlight for night vision, the headlamp acts as an all-in-one lantern for all situations. The lamps are even waterproof, which means that visibility is possible in all types of weather conditions.

Learn more at: http://www.amazon.com/LuxoLite-CREE-LED-Headlamp-Waterproof/dp/B00W0CLSI4/ref=cm_cr_pr_product_top?ie=UTF8.

About LuxoLite

LuxoLite is a premier U.S. based company, owner and only authorized seller of LuxoLite Headlamps brand.

Blue Kangaroo Launches Price Alert and Price History Services Helping Shoppers Save on Millions of Products

Blue Kangaroo, the leading Big Data-driven personal shopper app with more than 2 million US users, recently added two new features that make it easier for consumers to find the lowest prices on top products for themselves, their families, or their homes.

Price History

Holidays, seasonal trends, supply, and demand or overstocked – there are many factors that affect the selling price of a given item. For consumers to ensure they get the best deal every time, viewing product pricing trends is key. With the new Blue Kangaroo Price History feature, anyone can see the rise and fall of retail prices for millions of products from clothes to toys, shoes, tech, appliances and more. Shoppers can quickly compare the current price to the price over the past few months to evaluate pricing trends for a given product before they decide to purchase.

Price Alerts

Consumers are always looking for the lowest price, and with the new Price Alerts feature, shoppers can easily customize their Price Alert settings for any product. The Blue Kangaroo Price Alerts feature will automatically send an email notifying shoppers that the price on a specific item has dropped below their preferred price.


Using Blue Kangaroo Price Alerts:

  • Click the Price Alert bell icon on any product page.
  • Fill in their email address along with the maximum price they are willing to pay for that product.
  • A Price Alert email will notify them if the price drops, so they can shop with confidence knowing they are getting a great deal every time.
  • When users receive their low price notification, they can combine it with Blue Kangaroo coupon codes or Free Shipping offers from that retailer to save even more.

The new Price History and Price Alert features are available on both the Blue Kangaroo website and mobile apps, so shoppers can find low prices on their favorite products wherever they go.

“We are excited to provide consumers with price history and price alert features on millions of products”, said Laurence Marks, CEO of Blue Kangaroo. “We believe that these new price features along with our data-driven personalized shopping service provide the best shopping experience for consumers on both desktop and mobile.”

About Blue Kangaroo
Founded by recognized Big Data innovators, Blue Kangaroo is the leading Big Data-driven personalized shopping service. Blue Kangaroo users benefit from unparalleled shopping personalization, product and deal discovery, sharing and wish lists, and options for connecting with their favorite brands. The company’s unique approach to establishing new and deeper relationships between brands and consumers creates new business opportunities for advertisers and rewarding experiences for consumers. Blue Kangaroo is available for smartphone, tablet, and desktop PC users.

Website: http://www.bluekangaroo.com

iPhone App: https://itunes.apple.com/app/applestore/id606171339?pt=674827&ct=pricegtl&mt=8

Android App: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.bluekangaroo.mobile&referrer=utm_source%3DFVRGTL%26anid%3Dadmob

Go Epic Health Acquires American Retail Alliance

San Diego, CA — April 8, 2016 – Go Epic Health, Inc., announces the acquisition of American Retail Alliance (ARA) a product distribution company located in Belleair Bluffs, Florida.

James Price, President/CEO of Go Epic Health stated, “this acquisition of (ARA) notes the beginning of an aggressive roll up a strategy for Go Epic to manufacture, market and distribute its proprietary list of natural/organic dietary supplemental products and other exceptional nutritional product lines.”

Price continued with, “the company will be relocating its corporate headquarters to the Clearwater/St. Petersburg, Florida area. Our flagship product, ‘Cholesterade ®’, was created by the late Dr. Robert Cade, creator of Gatorade ®. Cade himself lived in Florida and worked for the University of Florida where he created Gatorade ®, Cholesterade ® and several other products. Due to the ARA acquisition and other targeted acquisitions in the area, demographics, and historic relevance of our flagship product being created here, it makes great sense to be headquartered in Florida as well.”

About American Retail Alliance

American Retail Alliance Corp. (ARA) positions companies, inventors, product developers and entrepreneurs having to market ready products with a quick and inexpensive means for national retail distribution. Once consumer ready, ARA markets and distributes new and innovative consumer goods through the nation’s largest retail pharmacy chain stores, independent drug and health food stores, multi-level organizations and product specific catalogs. For further information please visit www.americanretailalliance.com.

About Go Epic Health

Go Epic Health is a nutritional product holding company which owns the intellectual property and worldwide manufacturing and distribution rights to Cholesterade ®, a natural cholesterol reducing product created by the late Dr. Robert Cade, creator of Gatorade ®. Go Epic’s wholly owned subsidiary, American Retail Alliance, markets and distributes Cholesterade ® as well as new and innovative consumer goods through the nation’s largest retail pharmacy chain stores, independent drug and health food stores, multi-level organizations and product specific catalogs. For further information please visit www.gocholesterade.com and coming soon our updated corporate site www.goepichealth.com.

Forward-Looking Statements Disclosure:

This press release may contain “forward-looking statements” within the meaning of the federal securities laws. In this context, forward-looking statements may address the Company’s expected future business and financial performance, and often contain words such as “anticipates,”believes,”estimates,”expects,”intends,”plans,”seeks,”will” and other terms with similar meaning. These forward-looking statements by their nature address matter that are, to different degrees, uncertain. Although the Company believes that the assumptions upon which its forward-looking statements are based are reasonable, it can provide no assurances that these assumptions will prove to be correct. All forward-looking statements in this press release are expressly qualified by such cautionary statements, risk, and uncertainties, and by reference to the underlying assumptions.


Woody Junot, COO

Go Epic Health, Inc.

Keep purses organized and easy to find

A lady’s closet is a unique place, and most ladies have a place for everything in the cabinet. Sadly, many times the place is a heap on the floor in a corner – handbags in particular.

It is no longer an issue with the Tote Hanger from Jacki Easlick. Now, all handbags, purses and evening clutches can be easily hung and out of the way.


Each heavy duty hanger slips over a standard rail in a regular closet. It makes the handbags easy to see, reach and keep from cluttering what could be an already full closet.


Easlick stated recently, “With my business, I had to have some way to keep my personal handbags in good shape and within reach at any time. It is why I invented the Tote Hanger. Now, all I have to do is take a quick glance and grab the perfect bag to match my day.”

Easlick listened to customers when designing the Tote Hanger. It comes with a 90-degree turn, making the bags take less room than before, something any lady with a full closet appreciates.

“The number of responses from women who have purchased the Tote Hanger is incredible. Most are wondering how they survived without a Tote Hanger,” said Easlick. “As word spreads, people are finding out they can hang more that just a handbag or a tote. It’s incredibly versatile. Hang just about anything from it and save space at the same time.”

The Tote Hanger is available exclusively online. Visit www.ToteHanger.com or www.JackiEaslick.com for details. Sold at the Container Stores.

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