Launches Subscription-Based Service to Make Finding Fine Vino Practical

Making a new way to enjoy the best wines a whole lot like a walk in the park, launches its delicious wares to a thirsty marketplace.

Portland, OR – May 30, 2017 – Creating a run on practicality, suffice it to say, a great toast is for wine lovers everywhere. How so? There’s a new digital age way to unearth premium wines from California Oregon and Washington without lifting a finger. Brought right to doorsteps with half bottles of the best wines in town, gives vino fans what they’ve always wanted. A wine tasting club that provides variety without a hefty price tag. Now, wine curated by the platform’s members will arrive every month in batches of red, white, and sparkling with nothing further to do. Imbibe, anyone?

Randall Radcliff, Owner, and CEO of WineSampler said of the launch, “Other wine clubs start you off with a low price and then require you to buy their wines at full price.” At, there’s no obligation to buy new wine. If you find the wine you like, you can buy it directly from us, from the maker, or even a store near you. So now, you can sample excellent wines from more wineries than you would ever be able to visit, and then buy only the ones you like. So much better than joining a winery club and then only getting to try the wines they produce. You can cancel WineSampler at any time but, you won’t want to.”

When members sign up for this wine tasting club, they get the chance to try wines from hundreds of vineyards and wineries in California, Oregon, and Washington. These are wines from ultra-premium, premier, and selective vineyards delivered in either 3,6,9, or 12 split bottle packages. From the start, members will receive half bottles of the same variety first in red then, the next month, in white. Red and white wines will alternate for as long as members maintain their subscription. Pricing starting at just $34.99 a month. Members can even add champagne and sparkling wine if they like.

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Vita Migliore Announce Exciting Release of Premium Quality Moscow Mule Copper Mug Set on

Food and drink connoisseurs understand deeply it’s impossible to enjoy a real Moscow Mule in a regular glass – a quality copper mug is the only way to go. The good news is Chef Jacques, and Vita Migliore is answering the call with the release of their new Moscow Mule Copper Mug set, a premium quality choice with a quite affordable price tag.

June 2, 2017

Some fantastic cocktails can’t be enjoyed fully unless they are drinking properly. That means first, the right ingredients and in some cases, even drank from the right kind of cup, glass or mug. Enter Vita Migliore, a high-quality kitchen product brand endorsed by the famous Chef Jacques, who recently announced the launch of their latest product – the Vita Migliore Moscow Mule Copper Mug Set. The new premium mug choice was designed to fit the bill for shoppers searching for a copper mug ideal for enjoying Moscow Mules.

“When someone shops with us we want them to know they are getting nothing but the best in quality,” commented a spokesperson from the company. “Chef Jacques demands it. Our new Moscow Mule Copper Mugs aren’t going to let anyone down. And the way our gift set is packaged it’s perfect for a birthday or other special occasion. Check out the big difference first hand.”

According to Vita Migliore, two Moscow Mule Copper Mugs, a pair of copper straws, a smaller copper mug for shots and a remarkably well-written recipe book of Moscow Mule-style drinks are included in their new package. The box it comes in is also expertly designed for its very appealing and classy look, winning compliments routinely for the company’s extreme attention to detail.

Vita Migliore is happy to offer a complete satisfaction guarantee with every order sold – any issues at all and they won’t hesitate to refund a customer, with no hassle completely. Keep Reading


Vishaun Grissett, a 29-year-old entrepreneur and passionate wellness advocate who has been offering health and wellness coaching sessions and support for over a year, this week officially launched his latest wellness venture, the Winning Health Market, now one of the largest collections of natural products available online today.

Featuring over 13,000 products and expanding the inventory daily, Winning Health Market offers a massive selection of private label brands that every consumer can trust, as well as independent labels working to improve everyone’s health.

“Over 20-years ago, my father fell incredibly ill due to the pesticides and chemicals he was exposed to while working on a chicken farm for one of the largest suppliers of chicken in this country, ” said Grissett. “After several surgeries, though he is alive, he is still fighting despite his exposure to the harmful substances while working on that farm. It was this very incident that motivated me to care more about health and natural wellness without chemical additives and compounds. I want everyone to have the health transformation they need.”

Grissett’s coaching company, Winning Health LLC, is based on the “four pillars of health:” lifestyle, exercise, attitude, and nutrition. He works with individuals and helps them to make significant changes through incremental steps. Additionally, the coaching aims to provide students with a hands-on, revolutionary approach to health cultivation, as opposed to therapy sessions that only focus on rhetoric.

“I was drawn to the health industry because I realized this is how I could make a change in people’s lives for the better,” said Grissett. “It’s incredible how much control we have over our bodies and our health only by making a conscious decision to invest in natural food, products, and supplements today.”

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Overweight Financial Planner Launches Preferred Best Project to Document Effect of Weight Loss on Life Insurance Rates

Proprietary health rating tool for life insurance consumers is expected to be added in next 30-days

NORWALK, CT June 6, 2017 – Jim Tobin, owner of the, a Connecticut-based Internet life insurance agency, is using his Preferred Best Project to document how life insurance rates improve with weight loss today.

Tobin, a Certified Financial Planner who is significantly overweight, will be supplementing regular doctors visits with “do it yourself” walk-in labs and Higi Station (a DIY blood pressure testing service located in supermarkets and pharmacies). These tools, as well as others, will record weight, blood pressure, cholesterol, blood sugar, kidney, and liver function results. The results will be updated weekly with corresponding underwriting grades using the guidelines of major insurers.

Asked recently about the longer term goals of the project, Tobin was hopeful that people would do more than just follow his progress. “I hope to collaborate with many individuals who are in the same boat as me, and get them motivated to get healthy alongside me,” said the financial planner.

The project has preliminary plans to build a forum for participants to log lab results and provide a support community.

The preferred best project, which can be accessed on the blog attached to the agency website, will be adding a proprietary health rating tool so consumers can get an idea where they stand with insurers. The evaluation tool is being beta tested and is expected to launch in the next 30-days.

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Richard C. Russett III set to launch his new Structured Sleeve technology that will revolutionize the beverage industry

A great solution for improving mixing, taste, texture and digestibility of your beverage

CEO of StructuredShake LLC, Richard C. Russett III is pleased to announce to the world the kick-off of his Kickstarter campaign as he releases Structured Sleeve, a new technology that would revolutionize the entire beverage manufacturing industry. Structured Sleeve will find use in many industries including the pharmaceutical, cosmetics, paint, and resin industries.

Mr. Russett’s advanced technology “Structured Sleeve” is targeted at the cup and bottle market, particular beverages like protein powder, baby formula, coffee, tea, alcoholic mixed drinks and the wine industry. This is his solution for improving the mixing, taste, texture and digestibility of your beverage.

How it Works

All beverages are water-based, but mixing the ingredients for making beverage in water produces an insoluble mixture. This is what Mr. Russett is trying to solve. Structured Sleeve improves the mixing and taste of beverages by using magnets. This all done by allowing the beverage to be suspended in a cup or bottle due to a magnetic field that is created by two opposite-poled Neodymium magnets. Which are the strongest commercial available magnets — encapsulating the walls of the container.

Richard C. Russett III set to launch his new Structured Sleeve technology that will revolutionize the beverage industry
Richard C. Russett III set to launch his new Structured Sleeve technology that will revolutionize the beverage industry
Richard C. Russett III set to launch his new Structured Sleeve technology that will revolutionize the beverage industry
Richard C. Russett III set to launch his new Structured Sleeve technology that will revolutionize the beverage industry
Richard C. Russett III set to launch his new Structured Sleeve technology that will revolutionize the beverage industry
Richard C. Russett III set to launch his new Structured Sleeve technology that will revolutionize the beverage industry

Cups and bottles that have been used with Structured Sleeve include protein shaker bottles (protein powder + water/milk), water bottles (water + infused fruit + ice), baby bottles (water + formula), coffee cups (coffee + creamer), cocktail shakers (alcoholic drink mixers + alcohol), as well as wine bottles (red and white). Keep Reading



Las Vegas, NV, USA – May 29, 2017: Athletics Investments LLC has recently announced that it is offering the most advanced entity wagering hedge fund in the sports betting marketplace. The company has also made an announcement that the minimum investment amount has now been reduced to $500 for first-time investors. The new decision made by the American investment company based in Las Vegas will attract many new investors as these short-term investments are intriguing for all types of investors.

“We are proudly welcoming all the new investors in our Hedge Fund for Athletics Investments,” said Alex Sonice, the hedge fund manager and spokesperson for Athletics Investments LLC while introducing the new fund. “With the minimum investment of only $500, this Entity Wagering Fund will encourage several newcomers in the industry and will promote the spirit of Sports Wagering across the United States”, he added. According to Alex, traditional investment options are typically long-term and offer small returns, but these short-term investments are more intriguing for the investors and have the potential for high yields.

“I paid securely through the website and was able to track my transaction with ease,” said one speculating investor in his testimonial regarding his experience with Athletics Investments. “Athletics Investments takes security seriously, and I was able to sign up under 30 minutes securely”, he added. The company has received an overwhelming response. So much so that the developers are constantly updating the site to facilitate the user feedback. Moreover, the Entity Wagering Fund is based on sports wagering that allows millions of fans and investors across the world to invest their funds in building profits over short terms.

Entity sports wagering is a new sport investment product in the State of Nevada that was legalized by the Nevada Legislature and signed into law in June 2015. For the past two years, this investment has increased significantly and has attracted several investors from outside the Silver State. Operating under this state law, Athletics Investments is a registered entity that operates as a traditional mutual fund, pooling investor’s funds into a common hedge fund and investing them in the sports betting marketplace.

“Our promise at Athletics Investments LLC is to provide the most transparent entity wagering hedge fund on the market”, says Alex. The company offers investment services with several features including easy sign up procedure, online notary service, a user-friendly website, well-documented traders, 24/7 customer support, PayPal integration and above all, secure and authentic transactions. Moreover, the company works in strong collaboration with some of the leading wagering professionals as its partners who provide in-depth analysis for every sports wager including the NFL, NBA, NHL, MLB, MLS, NCAA, and MMA. The company has plans to include new leagues as time progresses. Keep Reading

A New Book “Secrets Of A Crazy Mental Health Counselor” Hits The Market

May 2017 – Creedmoor, North Carolina, USA — Patrice Brown, a full-time Mental Health director, counselor, and writer, has authored a new book titled “Secrets of A Crazy Mental Health Counselor.” In this book, she candidly reveals to the public her deep dark struggles as a counselor – the kind of efforts no one will ever reveal.

Many people, especially those who have undergone counseling, believe that all guides are perfect and lead a perfect life. Patrice says this is far from the truth. She adds that counselors do keep secrets, some of which can make the reader start questioning whether these people are even supposed to offer counseling services.

“Secrets of A Crazy Mental Health Counselor” introduces readers to the world of counselors. The world that is full of hurt, envy, betrayal, greed, cheating, lies, jealousy, guilt, shame, lust, and all manner of things that people shy away from talking about. The book goes into the world of one counselor, Patrice, who has never had an easy life. The reader will learn about what she has had to go through in her life as an instructor.

It is a guide, self-help, motivational and pure inspirational book. It’s ideal for counselors, women, workers, entrepreneurs, teenagers, and all those facing difficulties in their lives each day.

The book tells a story about life issues and how to overcome all traps that have been set up to make people fail; it teaches people to stay motivated even when they are faced with adversities.

“Everyone has their individual self-worth, uniqueness, talents and gifts which are given for a purpose,” says Patrice. “Learn how to be an overcomer of those barriers to fulfill your purpose in life!” Keep Reading

YUN Announces Kickstarter to Bring Eye-Opening Mindfulness Experience Hardware to Market

In an increasingly fast-paced world, there’s no doubt people are looking for healthy ways to be both more relaxed and more mindful. YUN, an innovative mindfulness hardware device, is a powerful and compelling answer to this question. The company recently announced the launch of a crowdfunding campaign to help bring the new technology to market, to very high anticipation.

Guangzhou, China, 24 May 2017

Every day more people become interested in things like incense and essential oils, and the positive influence they can have on everyday lives. As this knowledge spreads along with it has come a desire for products that can help make enjoying these benefits more straightforward and easy. In the exciting news in this area, YUN recently announced the launch of a crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter to bring their YUN Levitating Incense Holder to market. The mindfulness experience hardware, which is the world’s first of its kind, combines high electromagnetic technology with the traditional benefits of incense, proven over a thousand years of use. YUN delivers its effects through all the senses in a way that celebrates concentration and can even deepen and enhance meditation.

“We are very excited about the launch of our Kickstarter because we believe in YUN and the clear benefits it delivers,” commented a spokesperson from the company. “When a person gets to see how remarkable YUN is first hand it’s hard not to be intrigued. There’s nothing like it on the market today, and it’s remarkable that we are winning such interest and support both from psychotherapists, others in the world of science and traditional spiritual and meditation teachers alike. We feel that mindfulness experience hardware, in the shape of YUN, will prove even more valuable than software applications have been with the same kind of goals.”

According to YUN, the device takes the shape of the world’s first levitating incense holder, making it unique not just in how it appears, but also in delivering exceptional benefits to its users when its incense is being “set.” This helps its user focus and concentrate in a mindful way, afterward providing the calming and soothing effects of the incense (when the most common incense choices are made) along with a meditative visual to focus on with its levitating pod and floating powder.

The crowdfunding campaign has set a goal of $38,000 which will allow the company to have the first run of YUN manufactured to their high standards and quality demands. Donors will have the opportunity to be the first to own a levitating incense holder, and interest is expected to be high. Keep Reading

CipherBoard Announces Launch of Free End to End Encrypted Keyboard That can be Used oWith Any iPhone or Android App

A quick look at the news shows that mainstream security solutions are just not getting the job done when protecting data and privacy. In the exciting news in this area, CipherBoard recently launched a new keyboard application for both iOS and Android devices that make it close to impossible to spy or pull information off of anything typed and sent.

With a massive amount of people accessing their personal emails, banking apps, and diverse social networking communities where privacy is expected through their smartphones, the need for a secure keyboard is often pointed to as one of the largest security flaws the online world faces. CipherBoard is answering the call for a solution with the recent release of their end-to-end encrypted keyboard on iTunes, and at the Google Play store, that allows secure communication across iOS and Android apps. Both versions of the app even can send messages the messaging services themselves cannot open or trace.

“Everyday we use our smartphones and tablets to send emails, type notes, write to our loved ones and a long list of other ways, with nearly all of this thing we would prefer to keep confidential,” commented a spokesperson from the company. “CipherBoard provides you with the fully functional keyboard app features with added end-to-end encryption across any iPhone or Android app. Now you can have a secure conversation within your favorite email application or Facebook, WhatsApp, Tinder or the web. CipherBoard is the first fully encrypted keyboard that you can use across platforms!”

According to CipherBoard, in addition to their keyboard’s world-class encryption, easy to use encryption abilities, the new app also delivers powerful predictive text in normal mode, allowing users to type complete sentences with just striking a few keys. A full, fun emoji catalog is also featured to great effect.

Early feedback from users has been entirely positive across the board.

Sean P., from New York, recently said in a five-star review, “I expect my online conversations to be private, especially when I’m on my iPhone. The last thing I need is some aspect of my social life being blown up where people from my job could see it. CipherBoard is brilliant in its security features, simple to use and free. What could be better? I don’t see myself going back to the conventional keyboard, as long as CipherBoard is available. Thoroughly recommended.” Keep Reading

Answering Service’s New Medical Division Caters to Doctors and Medical Offices

BUFORD, GA… VoiceNation, the premier industry leader in live answering and virtual receptionist services trusted by more than 50,000 businesses worldwide, has recently announced the formation of a new Medical Answering Services Division to cater to doctors, dentists, chiropractors, and all other health-related offices who are seeking a professional telephone answering service.

VoiceNation has created a dedicated division to provide live answering receptionist services to their rapidly expanding medical-related client base. Eric Schurke, Director of Operations, will oversee the first division.

VoiceNation’s HIPAA compliant medical answering service provides high-level professional telephone answering around the clock, which helps doctor’s offices improve efficiency in their day-to-day operations while also increasing the level of customer service and attentiveness to their patients. VoiceNation provides exceptional live answering services that deliver the professionalism and trust that is needed and expected of firms in any practice area.

“Our medical answering department acts as an actual extension of the doctor’s office. Our call experts are thoroughly trained in operations that apply specifically to medical offices, such as HIPAA, appointment setting, and customer service,” explained Jay Reeder, CEO of VoiceNation. “We create a custom plan that not only meets the needs of the doctors but also their client’s high expectations of service.”

HIPAA Compliant Medical Answering Service

The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act has revolutionized the way health information is handled by not only the healthcare industry but its associated service providers as well. That being said, medical offices have to make sure every service they use is entirely compliant with HIPAA and HITECH regulations. Every VoiceNation operator must complete numerous hours of training and become HIPAA certified before they even begin answering phone calls. While there’s much more to look for other than one that’s fully HIPAA compliant, this is most certainly one of the essential aspects. The operators are also trained to answer calls, screen calls, take messages, schedule appointments, and transfer calls. Keep Reading

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