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DENTAL TRENDS – The Growth of Itinerant Dental Specialists

Itinerant dental specialists are growing in numbers and popularity. Due to dentists’ declining income and patients’ increased demand for special dental services, these specialists are in high demand. Still, many dentists are reluctant to work with an itinerant dental specialist. They have questions about how it works or aren’t sure if it’s right for their practice. In this article, we’ll talk about what an itinerant dental specialist does and how they can help your business.

What is an Itinerant Dental Specialist?

An itinerant dental specialist travels to other dentists’ offices to perform services. Itinerant dental specialists may rotate between several different dentists’ offices on a weekly or monthly basis, or they may be contracted on an as-needed basis. This differs from the traditional model, where dentists referred patients out to specialists.

A wide variety of specialists may choose to travel—periodontists, endodontists, and oral surgeons can all be itinerant dental specialists. They perform services such as dental implants, extractions, or root canals, all in the offices of a general dentist.

Itinerant Dental Specialists vs. the Traditional Model

How does using an itinerant dental specialist compare to the traditional model of referring patients out? There are several advantages to working with a traveling specialist.

First, general dentists lose money when they refer patients out. Each year, dentists refer out billions of dollars’ worth of services to specialists. By using an itinerant dental specialist, these services are kept in the office. The dentist now controls the billing and contracts with the local traveling specialist to perform the treatment services. The dentist and specialist will agree on a treatment sharing percentage which typically includes sharing the costs associated with performing the treatment. Keep Reading

Apartments for rent in Doha

Doha being the capital and most populous city of Qatar emerges as the most important financial and economic centers in the Middle East. Doha has also become a shelter for many people due to its enormous growth in the planned community and outstanding architecture.

Due to its high population, Doha has offered huge options of flats, villas, hotels, compounds etc. to choose from as per their taste. As such Doha has improved a lot in the real estate sector. Apartment for rent in Doha comes at an affordable price depending on the level of comfort offered.

Residential Apartments are Available for Rent in Doha at an Affordable Price

The popular areas in Doha that offer apartment for rent are Pearl, Duhail, Bin Mahmoud, Al Waab, New Salatha. They offer high-class accommodation along with all the modern amenities that are needed. Excellent location of the properties is highly appreciated by people.

Doha is the highest growing city of Qatar hence has seen development in all sectors especially real estate keeping in mind the growing population of Doha.

Apartments for rent in Doha

Not only apartments for rent are available at affordable prices but also commercial rent is provided for official purposes. Doha is a cosmopolitan city which offers all the amenities and essentials of life for the people residing here. Keep Reading

Cutbuys Announces Grand Opening of Online Store Offering Premium Quality Affordable Products to Meet Every Student’s Needs

Staying on top of studies, shopping for much-needed supplies and fulfilling life’s many other responsibilities can definitely be an extreme challenge. Cutbuys is a new online shop aimed at delivering huge value in this area – packed with products students want and need, at price points that are difficult to beat.

July 26, 2017

If there’s one thing a huge number of students can relate to, it’s the need to stay on budget – hopefully, without making any sacrifices in the quality of the everyday gear, supplies, and accessories they require to take their classes and live their lives in a fulfilled and successful way. The good news is they aren’t left alone in this struggle. Cutbuys is a new online store who recently announced their launch focused on stocking a wide selection of all the useful, functional, cool and fun things a student could need, at low prices and backed by a very devoted and knowledgeable customer support team. Not surprisingly students couldn’t be happier with the news.

“We are offering fair prices for every budget,” commented a spokesperson from Cutbuys. “And we pride ourselves on being able to relate in a real way to where most of our customers are coming from and what they are looking for when they shop with us. Come check out the big difference first hand.”

According to the company, current popular choices at the online store include electronics and electronic accessories; backpacks and bags; premium quality stationary and writing instruments; eye catching conversation pieces and much more. New products are added to the catalog on a very regular basis, all with the same extreme attention paid to quality, detail and keeping prices reasonable.

Early feedback from student shoppers has been completely positive across the board. Keep Reading

The Boss With No Morals “ChrisdaCEO” Has Come To Save The Dying Hip-Hop Game With New Free Album

ChrisdaCEO’s name speaks for itself, he is from Cleveland, masterpiece Ohio and is known to boss up and take advantage of every opportunity that comes his way. He went from a kid that was in foster care, 7 different high schools, battled legal trouble, with a deceased father and no family, to a 19 year old star that managed to deliver masterpiece mixtape with his focus on money, sacrifices, eye on the women, and a keen sense of reality and politics. That is told threw witty but amusing bars unlike any rapper before that are accompanied by the hardest collection of beats that has ever graced a mixtape.

Chris is determined to make it big and tell the world about it through this brand new mixtape; “The Boss With No Morals”. Who needs a music library with 8 different types of rappers when you can listen to one that can do it all and better.

Check out The Boss With No Morals on Spinrilla.

Also You can find his music on SoundCloud

For updates on his personal life follow his Twitter, Instagram and Tumblr handle @ChrisdaCEO

Concrete & Corian AnZa Espresso Machine: New Bedrock of Morning Routine

BERKELEY, CALIFORNIA — The coffee world has undergone rapid change over the past few decades. But in spite of industry innovations, little change has occurred around the aesthetics of espresso machines. Why is that? This question burned in the back of the minds of San Francisco Bay Area design studio Montaag, who set out on a process to create something new. The result is the AnZa espresso machine, produced in two variations: one, brutalist concrete, and the other, an elegant white Corian.

Concrete & Corian AnZa Espresso Machine: New Bedrock of Morning Routine
Concrete & Corian AnZa Espresso Machine: New Bedrock of Morning Routine
Concrete & Corian AnZa Espresso Machine: New Bedrock of Morning Routine

The AnZa was created in a backyard shed by Montaag designers in Berkeley, California. The AnZa uses materials seldom found in kitchen appliances, not to mention espresso machines. The result is a spectacular espresso machine that will bring life to any kitchen, and an unparalleled conversation piece. After all, making espresso is an art, and the AnZa delivers beautiful coffee while working as a decorative sculpture.

“Surprisingly little in the way of new thinking has taken place in the world of espresso machines—especially given the attention paid to progressive interior architecture and how much real estate these machines take up in your kitchen,” says Per Ivar Selvaag, Principal at Montaag.

The team releases the new production machines after four years of testing and refinement. The new AnZa machines offer more than a strong cup of coffee and distinctive profile. The concrete and Corian models will be equipped with connectivity, giving users remote access, IoT integration, and the ability to program machines to fuel espresso habits.

AnZa will be available via crowdfunding platform Kickstarter beginning in August, with machines available at the beginning of 2018. For further information, and to be notified when the campaign launches, sign-up for AnZa news.

About Montaag

Montaag is a multidisciplinary design studio with offices in Berkeley, California and Oslo and Stavanger, Norway. Our passionate and eclectic mix of designers and researchers are driven to create insightful, functional, and unorthodox design solutions — solutions that add value and distinction, and ultimately sharpen your competitive edge.

### Keep Reading

Portable battery for Apple devices adds up hundreds of hours of life

A new portable battery for Apple devices is adding up to hundreds of hours of life to some Apple devices.

The LifeBattery AIR by FliFli is launching through IndieGoGo with an introductory price of $179 for one device. Perk levels go to $995 and deliver five of the portable batteries.

“When we bring the product to the open market, each battery will cost $299,” said company President Billy Park. “This is not like any other portable battery source on the market today. We designed it specifically for Apple products.”

One battery adds many hours of life to Apple’s suite of portables. When fully charged, the battery delivers:

  • MacBook Air 68 hours
  • MacBook Pro 63 hours
  • iPad Pro 38 hours
  • iPad Mini 53 hours
  • iPhone up to 360 hours
  • Apple Watch 1,960 hours

“We specifically put two charging ports on it too. A magnetic port on the side lets you use the magnetic grapple on many Apple cords. We put the traditional outlet plug on the face so you can lay the battery flat and not worry about knocking it over,” Mr. Park said. Keep Reading

DLIGHT4 Introduces a New Era of Lighting

Florida tech startup to launch crowdfunding campaign for NEW LED Lighting innovation

Florida tech start-up iTHINGS4 is soon to bring in its new advanced LED Controller DLIGHT4 to Kickstarter. The product is backed by several unique features not available regular LED controllers around.

Boca Raton – June 17, 2017 Promising Florida tech start-up iTHINGS4 has recently announced to launch a Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign for its new innovative LED Controller DLIGHT4. Engineered with unique features, the advanced controller enables one to adjust sequence, brightness and color of lights in just any room with IFTTT, Wi-Fi or voice-activated technology such as Google Voice and Amazon Alexa. It’s the first ever LED controller to extend reliable connectivity & integration with user’s existing network.

The state of the art controller enables users to choose from a vast and versatile gallery of 16 million+ light colors and there over 9000 real time luminosity effects. It is designed to integrate smoothly with all major home automation systems like Crestron, Lutron, RTI etc. The product is also connectable to various LED strip standards such as APA102, SK6812, WS2801, WS2811, WS2812 and so on.

“We are excited to introduce our game-changing LED controller DLIGHT4 to Kickstarter this month. Designed to delight, our fully connected and customizable controller is powered with tons of exclusive features to ensure a new dimension to the world of LED control. There is no dearth of LED controllers in the market but most of them are mere toys. Our innovation makes things better and exceeds expectations. It’s the first of its kind to allow users to connect LED strips to their Wi-Fi network in just seconds. DLIGHT4 comes with an intuitive control and is a breeze to use. You can use smartphones, IFTTT, tablets or even your voice command to change the pattern and color light instantly. Whether you want a cool & refreshing ambiance after a long tiring day or something warm and cozy for a comforting mood- our LED controller will bring to you whatever you wish in a flip. But such a revolutionary project demands massive financial backup for mass production. Hence, this crowd funding campaign. Your generous support would be much appreciated”, smiled Fraga, the CEO from iTHINGS4.

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Nexeon Technologies, Inc. Announces Launch of Redesigned InstantDedis Website Offering Quality Instant Dedicated Servers

There’s no good reason to order a DDoS protected dedicated server and have to wait around looking at the clock for the company to deliver. InstantDedis, now with a fresh new easy-to-navigate website, are delivering instant dedicated servers in the amount of time it takes a client to apply and pass fraud protection approval.

July 17, 2017

Being an online marketer or other business people often puts a high demand on speed and efficiency. In that spirit, the idea a client should have to wait hours or longer to have access to a dedicated server after ordering can seem quite irritating. Answering the call for quality, attractively priced instant dedicated servers is Nexeon Technologies, Inc. through InstantDedis. The company recently celebrated the launch of their newly designed InstantDedis website made slicker, easier to navigate and clearer to understand than ever. Clients couldn’t be happier with the news.

“We’re happy to offer instantly delivered, DDoS protected dedicated servers,” commented a spokesperson from the company. “Access is usually granted in 15 seconds or less. This is clearly what many clients are looking for and we are providing reliable. Come and see a big difference first hand.”

According to InstantDedis, inventory is kept of instant dedicated servers in both New York and Chicago, with availability updated live on The servers are delivered with “InstantOS” installed, but clients can easily reinstall any operating system of their choice. Up time average is 99.9% on the company’s high-quality network, with 24 hours a day, seven days a week technical support available if or when needed.

Reviews for InstantDedis service have been positive across the board: Keep Reading


After the recent American elections, the global scenario in America changed for immigrants, at least psychologically. In a recent event with accomplished cinematographers, writers, editor, and producers from different countries, I could get a sense of how their unique and peculiar way of seeing life and bringing it to their craft and our experience as an audience is essential to the industry.

Los Angeles is the place to be, and it’s also where you can find such artists. The first one I met was Luciana Capela, a Brazilian writer and editor that’s been living in the US for almost four years now and had her films screened in more than fifteen festivals in America and in Europe, taking home a few awards for titles like Mirage, a psychological thriller co-written with the Mexican Nuel Caslo, Heavy Cross, which also she co-produced with the Greek director and producer Dimitris Tranos, A Sense of Reality and Zelma’s Unfinished Business – a production she co-wrote with Batsheba, a Malaysian actress, and director and worked with Giulia Governo – an Italian director of Photography.

Giulia is a free spirit that has been traveling all over the world to get the best angles and learning lights and composition. With not only her background in Italy with photography, she got deeply invested on Filmmaking, celebrating her awards with her colleagues thought the years. Never afraid of a challenge, Giulia embraces it all, from web series to shorts and feature films. Her awards count from Zelma’s Unfinished Business, Heavy Cross, and nominations for Plenum and with her ongoing success “At Least give me a Kiss.” Giulia and Luciana are working together again on the project SEDONA, a web series produced by Little Wolf Productions, owned by Lizz Whalen – an American producer and documentarian specialized in matters that talk to the soul, self-healing and grounding, who had her productions in festivals and on her youtube channel. “Sedona is a project that started after a personal life crisis, and we keep developing it into something bigger so we can not only take something to ourselves but help more people with its outcome,” says Luciana, who created the concept and is also the writer and editor of the episodes. “We are very excited about this piece because it’s also about personal experience and we want to show how differently we all perceive the same events,” Giulia added.

It is especially interesting to notice how often they end up working together, and they all claim that the diversity take it to a whole new level, because it helps to reach out to more cultures globally. The struggle is real, but they’ve been proving how much we all can benefit from having this connection and to make this world a more united one.


Successfully Map The Next Five Years Of Your Life At the FIVE Weekend

Seattle, Washington, United States of America – July 12th, 2017 – The great American writer Allen Saunders once said, “Life is what happens to us while we make other plans.” For many in today’s hectic modern world, plans often fall by the wayside as the daily grind takes over. The result is an unfulfilling life where life goals and dreams never quite materialize.

For 25 people, that could all change this September at FIVE, a transformational weekend designed to help individuals develop a five-year plan that paves the way toward a lifestyle that fulfills their deepest needs. At the same time, attendees can explore Seattle, meet new people, and enjoy a positive, relaxing vibe.

“FIVE is a process that gives back what you put into it. We help you to write your vision, then give you a beautiful, professionally produced road map of your first year. We also provide a bespoke illustration of your theme, all based on your goals. This is a document that gives people specific actions that they can start taking now to elevate their life to a place they have always dreamed of,” said Ginny Riley. “The plan works for careers, family, adventures, and friends—whatever is most relevant to the individual. We help to determine what area is most famous and then build a plan to build a future where this field is the focal point of growth.”

The brainchild of Seattleites Tim and Ginny Riley, FIVE’s focus is on developing a five-year plan to make an authentic lifestyle. Over the course of the weekend, attendees will develop a clear picture not just of who they are—but also exactly what they want.

The original idea for FIVE started with a simple vision twenty years ago. Trapped in 60-hour weeks in unfulfilling work, Tim and Ginny had amassed a mountain of credit card debt, and not living a life they truly loved. That simple vision turned into reality as they started their own business, began traveling the world, and began living a life of adventure and purpose. Keep Reading

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