Blue Check Verified: A social media romance

La Love has worked hard to make her Instagram profitable. She finds herself boxed in a love triangle, not of her own making.

Blue Check Verified is a social media romance giving viewers real-time access to LA Love a social media star with just one problem…after another. Based on the premise we are all our worst enemy, Blue Check explores the mistakes LA Love makes in love and life and how each mistake catapults her closer to discovering her true self.

A social internet phenom, LA Love has parlayed her good looks and quirky personality into an Instagram account with over 1.4 million followers. Set in Atlanta, Blue Check explores social issues like the Opioids crisis, absentee fathers, anxiety disorder, and perception vs. reality. In the pilot, we are introduced to this eclectic soul and the first of her many conflicts. In episode 1 No F**ks to Give we meet Mann, LA’s baby daddy whose every move seems orchestrated to ruin her Instagram success. LA tries to figure out what the difference between a down ass female and a dumb one who just allows her man to do anything he wants to her.

La Love the Boss has the type of looks that have catapulted her to the top of Instagram. But don’t let those photographs on IG fool you. In reality, La Love deals with the disapproval of her mother; and a baby daddy whose every move seems designed to sabotage her new found success. As the possibilities of Instagram grow, so does the web created when La Love attempts to become “Blue Check Verified!” A social media romance

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Carl Warner