Nexeon Technologies, Inc. Announces Launch of Redesigned InstantDedis Website Offering Quality Instant Dedicated Servers

There’s no good reason to order a DDoS protected dedicated server and have to wait around looking at the clock for the company to deliver. InstantDedis, now with a fresh new easy-to-navigate website, are delivering instant dedicated servers in the amount of time it takes a client to apply and pass fraud protection approval.

July 17, 2017

Being an online marketer or other business people often puts a high demand on speed and efficiency. In that spirit, the idea a client should have to wait hours or longer to have access to a dedicated server after ordering can seem quite irritating. Answering the call for quality, attractively priced instant dedicated servers is Nexeon Technologies, Inc. through InstantDedis. The company recently celebrated the launch of their newly designed InstantDedis website made slicker, easier to navigate and clearer to understand than ever. Clients couldn’t be happier with the news.

“We’re happy to offer instantly delivered, DDoS protected dedicated servers,” commented a spokesperson from the company. “Access is usually granted in 15 seconds or less. This is clearly what many clients are looking for and we are providing reliable. Come and see a big difference first hand.”

According to InstantDedis, inventory is kept of instant dedicated servers in both New York and Chicago, with availability updated live on The servers are delivered with “InstantOS” installed, but clients can easily reinstall any operating system of their choice. Up time average is 99.9% on the company’s high-quality network, with 24 hours a day, seven days a week technical support available if or when needed.

Reviews for InstantDedis service have been positive across the board:

Jason25, Corporate Member at, recently said in a five-star review, “If you want things fast, if you want a server instantly – the InstantDedis solution.”

Xavierteague, a member at also commented, “Lives up to the mark, ordered and got delivered in around one minute!”

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Charles Wood

Nexeon Technologies, Inc.