USWAY GEAR Announces the Launch of its Premium Heavy Duty Tow Strap

USWAY GEAR happily announces the launch of its high-quality heavy duty tow strap manufactured for all towing needs. USWAY GEAR Heavy Duty TOW STRAP is an exceptionally built multipurpose tow strap that is carefully constructed to meet and surpass the towing needs, anticipations, and demands of an extensive range of users scattered in diverse operational environments all over the world. The USWAY GEAR heavy duty tow strap has been perfectly designed to deliver the most fascinating and innovative towing experiences with maximum functionality.

USWAY GEAR towing strap is made with high quality and superior tensile 100% polyester material which makes the product to withstand pressure and remain resistant to heat and water thereby making it very durable. This exceptional heavy duty strap is very robust, highly flexible and is built with tightly woven fabric to support its durability and weather resistant nature. The looped ends are well padded, reinforced and highly strengthened with stitching on both ends to protect against abrasion & withstand the tension at the connection points.

“USWAY GEAR Towing Strap has 10.000 LBS (5 US TON) Working Load (WLL) and 30.000 pounds (15 US TON) Rated Capacity making it suitable for use on all forms of automobiles especially Personal Vehicles, Full-Size Pickup Trucks, SUVs & ATVs, Boats or mid-size trucks. It is convenient, easy to carry & use. Roll up for storage in the included Storage Bag after usage.

The towing strap is highly appropriate whether you are on the road or off-road, whether you are moving equipment, removing trail wreckages or towing personal vehicles or trucks to the repair shop” explained George, Sales Manager at USWAY GEAR.

The heavy duty tow strap is constructed bearing in mind the highest and globally rated performance standards and at a very affordable rate which provides excellent value based on its high level of quality and extraordinary capacity that will give users many years of use. The strap is built with a double loop design for reliable towing and has a length of 30 feet which is long enough to prevent collision during the towing process and also reach vehicles in difficult recovery situations such as those that have fallen off the road or stuck in deep water, sand, mud or snow.

USWay Gear Heavy-Duty Tow Strap is the premium towing strap available for all towing needs in all seasons. For further information or to buy your USWAY GEAR Heavy Duty Tow Strap visit

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