BEPUPPY: The Pet Social Network Made in Italy

The beloved pet social network BEPUPPY has updated with an eagerly awaited new version that in addition to responding to user feedback, it will introduce significant innovations and winks both eyes to an international audience.

It is a story that started in Italy in the now distant April 2013. The idea of a “social network for dogs” that immediately obtained success and consent, becoming the year’s reference point on the Italian web scope, also thanks to the support of the pet blog that is rich in valuable content for all animal lovers. Marco Martinenghi is a young creative that from a personal passion created the site that he likes to define “a platform at the service of the pet lovers” and that today presents his”creation” in an entirely new shape.

The wait was so long, and BEPUPPY was already at the center of user attention, early adopters, bloggers, journalists and other startuppers due to loads of innovation that it brings and for the many lists of useful aids that it can offer to those who love animals.

As many already know, BEPUPPY has the objective of bringing together all the people who share their lives beside our animal friends, putting the latter at the center of attention; but not only dogs and cats, in the new version rabbits, ferrets, hamsters, iguanas, horses and many other pets are welcome too!

The new social network for pets completes an ideal path that started years ago. While before the site allowed you to create an account on behalf of your dog, now everything starts from “human” mind that can create multiple profiles his or her pet and make friends with people who were passionate about a breed in particular or that simply share the same passion for animals.

At the same time, you can follow other people’s pets and interact according to your preferences, for example looking for specific dog breeds that you are interested in.

The news is not finished yet: the long programming work done over the years has allowed us to offer something new. In the coming months, a long series of features will be enabled. So let’s take a look at what BEPUPPY can do when all the new functions are active:

The role of geolocation joined to the alert service will be a very powerful tool to regain lost animals, indicate dangers and search for animals in adoption. You can also support not-for-profit activities, which will be empowered to create networks dedicated to their operations, both for promotion and fundraising. There will also be space for businesses and professionals in the PET sector. Finally, we can announce that before Christmas, BEPUPPY will also release a mobile app that will be available on iOS and Android.

In short, the new version of BEPUPPY combines leisure and usefulness, becoming the center of a “collective intelligence online,” able to improve the lives of our pet and get animal lovers from all over the world together. Thanks to the internationality of the platform, it is currently available in five different languages!

Even though the first version of BEPUPPY was an intuition that responded to specific needs cooling and renewing the face of the social network, the new version is even more targeted toward an innovative, fun, passionate but an also useful experience! Signing up is easy! Only connect to, and in just a few clicks you will find yourself in the world of the Pets 2.0!