Dhaka, Bangladesh – June 9, 2017: Empower Bangladesh has been doing a phenomenal job serving the people of Bangladesh. The non-profit organization has achieved a lot during a very short period and has helped more than 3000 families with legal consultation. In the most densely populated country in the world, the organization provides legal consultation and representation to all those who feel exploited and vulnerable. Moreover, the team formally started its services in 2014 and had come a long way since.

“We have added new initiatives to build a more specialized and comprehensive volunteer force.” Said Monica Khan, the Founding President of Empower Bangladesh in a recent interview while talking about the services offered by the organization. “This volunteer force is focused on research, preparation, and public policy and we particularly take pride in our research infrastructure because we have built it with a result oriented approach.” She added. Monica has a background in Women’s Studies as well as Neuroscience. Moreover, before founding Empower Bangladesh, she has been serving the community in several strategic and leading roles in public policy, community education and awareness.

The primary goal of Empower Bangladesh is to educate families regarding the rights and opportunities that are available for them. Also, the core policy of the company is to believe in the proactive options and solutions instead of the reactive ones. With an expanding number of volunteers, donors, and partners, the organization is growing its volunteer base to include non-specialized fields in its influx to help the maximum number of families. Furthermore, the organization teaches families on how to avoid exploitation and solve their vulnerabilities.

In the most thickly populated country of the world, spousal and child rights have been suppressed since nearly five decades of its independence. With married women deprived of their rights in inheritance and properties, the organization is creating a mass social movement in Bangladesh to help such women. Moreover, issues such as domestic violence, child abuse, child labor and family health problems are also one of the primary concerns of the programs run by Empower Bangladesh.

“We try to educate parents on not only the practical benefits of maintaining children enrollment but also assistance programs.” Said Sharif Hasan, the Executive Director at Empower Bangladesh. According to Mr. Hasan, the organization consults families on how to get the maximum social and monetary benefits in their respective areas. Besides creating awareness, the team of volunteers working at the agency also keep a tight follow up with the families they have helped.

With so much achieved, there is still a lot that needs to be done. The facts and figures shared by the organization have been very impressive, but the team is facing several significant challenges on a day-to-day basis. One of these challenges is to build an effective group of lawyers to make more cases to help the increasing number of families. Therefore, the organization is in a constant need of volunteers from the Bangladeshi civil society, and it also needs donations from within the country as well as from the millions of Bangladeshi diaspora around the world.

For more details and to explore the donation and volunteer options at the organization, please visit: www.EmpowerBD.org